Our Story

The oldest (years playing) member currently still playing at our club is Simon (Webbo) and he began playing in 1988 when he was just 18.

Back then there were three divisions and Simon joined Hawks which was the third team playing under legendary coach ‘George Dickson’ and quickly rose through the ranks bypassing the Falcons team and going straight in to the top team called ‘Eagles’.

We still operate this system today of rising up through the ranks to reach the top level and it is exciting to see new people joining our club and seeing them rise up to the top team.

George Dickson and Martin Worsnop (YPI) both are single handedly responsible for putting into place players, teams and organisations which are still visible today and these two legends are the reason why we are one of the last areas in the UK currently still running a local league.

Amazingly both George and Martin and still on the Volleyball scene. George has retired now but from time to time he helps with our training and still, he is the person to go to for advice.

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Martin is not only still on the volleyball scene but is still playing also and he still plays like he did 30 years ago, just proving that Volleyball is a sport you can play at any age so long as your body is able and your mind wants to play.

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We currently have people at our club from 8 years old all the way up to 63 years old and although there are obviously different abilities, everyone nevertheless gets the same enjoyment out of playing this great game every week.

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