Come down to Woodford Leisure Centre every Friday from 7pm-10pm and we will introduce you to this magical game which we believe that when you try, you will become hooked and then you will understand why Volleyball is actually the second most played game in the entire world.

Only football is played more around the world than volleyball.

There is no membership fee to join our club – it is FREE.

You can try us for two weeks free, no fees or anything – absolutely free.

You will receive one-on-one time and training from one of our four trainers to make the most of your time and for the last hour every evening, you will have the opportunity to enter into gameplay on one of our two courts, playing in a real match situation.

One of our courts is used for the more advanced training whereas our other court is used purely for beginners and youngsters and our two beginners coaches are very good at tailoring the training to each individual in order to maximise the pupils enjoyment of not only the game itself but also enjoyment from the learning process.


One beautiful thing about volleyball is the ease of both playing and training – for example it can be played inside with any number of people per team from 2 – 8 without detracting from the overall game.

You have probably seen Beach Volleyball on TV somewhere, this is usually played on a slightly smaller court with 2 players per team but is also not overcrowded with 4 players per team and of course to play outside barefoot in the sane and in the sun is a brilliant way to spend time beside the sea.

Finally on this subject, it is such an easy game to be able to learn and train alone as you only need some space outdoors and even better if you have a wall to return the ball to you.

Please take a look inside the VIDEOS section and click on the ‘SELF TRAINING’ section to see some videos of specific training we have made for you.

Two Weeks FREE trial to see if you like volleyball without any pressure

The monthly fees for all persons under the age of 18 (including students) is only £12 per month – that equates to only £3 per week for three hours exercise. That is £1 per hour which we think is unbeatable.

All Seniors must pay £20 per month. This equates to £5 per week and for this money you get three hours of exercise every week on two full size courts, if you check with other clubs, you will find this to be an exceptional deal.

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