Hello and welcome to our Holderness Volleyball Club.

Our name comes from the fact that originally we used to play from the South Holderness School in Preston but we have now moved into the Woodford Leisure Centre on Holderness Road in Hull which worked out pretty well for us as it meant we did not need to change our name.

The club has been running for around 20 years now and that time has seen some faces come and go, some have retired, some have moved away from this city whilst others have come here from other cities or in several cases, from other countries.

The founder is George Dickson pictures on the back row – far right of the picture, he still maintains interest in the club and pops in from time to time but George has more or less retired and misses playing very much – once you play Volleyball, it does not usually leave your blood.

After this time the club was run for a while by Alan Grayson who gave the club a good three / four seasons of good volleyball including in 2015 the title winning team and a second place in the Yorkshire League.

A ridiculous rule robbed us of the title that season as the team that won it won by a single point which was robbed from us because we were one hour late to re-arrange a fixture away at their venue. Needless to say if that is the only way some teams can win then some of them certainly will do so but our local league fortunately is not run like this, nor does it operate like this.

Our local teams are all equally respectful of one another and we have a great time when we play each other.

Alan is wearing the no.1 shirt on this picture with George on the Rear-Far Left this time. After the departure of Alan, it was taken over by Simon (Rear next to George) and Liz with Jenny following soon after as well as the two Dave’s (Coaches)

We are still now in this period of Simon, Liz, Jenny, Dave, Dave and Rob, each of these six people contribute is some way to the running of the club but the overall policy of the club has changed now. There is no longer anyone in overall charge of running the club, we have decided as a group to become a club run by it’s members for it’s members with anyone who wants to assist in anything to do with the operating part of the club only needing to put themselves forward and there will be a role for them and we highly encourage this.

Since making this decision, the club has become much more fun, we have a very relaxed atmosphere, our finances are good, the overall ship is very stable and it shows in what happens week-in, week-out during training at Woodford.

The league is also now run differently too and Wayne has managed to make it an extremely nice atmosphere in which to play, so much so that we now have a small waiting list for clubs outside of the city wishing to join the league next season whom are all prepared to travel to our area in order to participate.

We are in a new era of volleyball now and it is great to see every team really enjoying playing together and we are expecting even better things next year now that Wayne has got his first season running everything out of the way.

So, now on to our club specifically and where it is today….. we operate an open policy to everyone, no matter what level of ability you are, we have the time and resources to literally help and train absolutely anyone who wants to play this beautiful game.

We are a properly registered club with ‘Volleyball England’ – the sports Governing body.

For the coming season we are looking for at least four categories of player ready for the coming season but if you fancy giving it a try then you will not feel any pressure as you can play just for fun if you wish without having to play the games in the season.

If however you have a desire to play in the proper matches then we operate a system whereby everyone starts in the same place and has to work their way up to play in the top team if that is what they desire but we have players who are more than happy to play in the other teams due to the nice pleasant relaxed atmosphere and the lack of pressure to win so as you can see we have different scenarios which we are sure will suit everyone.

Our training sessions run all year round pausing only for the Christmas Break and Good Friday so we are at Woodford every week.

Call in for a look at us playing and then decide if you fancy giving it a go, especially if you have never tried this sport before, we believe that once you start, you will become hooked and it will be in your DNA very quickly.

If you want to speak to someone first then go to the CONTACT page and contact either Simon, Liz or Jenny and we will help you every step of the way.

We hope to see you very soon at WOODFORD LEISURE CENTRE on HOLDERNESS ROAD – just outside of EAST PARK.

Finally Indoor Volleyball is not all we do.

In periods when we can rely on the weather, several competitions / tournaments are often held at various locations.

Examples are Beach Volleyball at Bridlington Beach, 2-A-Side tournaments at Barton on multiple weekday evenings, outdoor 4-A-Side tournaments at Beverley, the UK’s largest tournament outdoor at Sandwell – West Midlands and more…


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