10th September, we are holding a small meeting at 6pm in the Woodford Cafe at the front of the Lesiure Centre building.

Time is running out now to get the names registered for each team so we will be deciding on the people involved in each team at this meeting and we will be basing each team on a combination of experience along with proven quality and we will hopefully get this spot-on although there may be one or two disappointments bu please bear in mind that in reality this is for our club and others this year quite a new look style League.

We are so very close to having enough regular members to be able to input three teams into the league but due to slightly irregular turnouts it has been impossible to take the chance to put three teams in this season, so for this reason and others, this season is to be classed as an introductory season for the members into our club and also for our club into the new look league.

It is vital to get numbers down to our training evenings and there will shortly be a simple point and click system built into this site whereby you will be able to register on here and then you can point and click on the particular training evening and simply tick the box if you will be present on the coming training night and then we are more likely to know exactly who to expect and this more or less more carefully engineer the training evening to best suit the people who are expected to attend.

Finally going back to the meeting at 6pm – everyone is welcome so please feel free to join us and put forward any points or preferences you have.

Well on Friday, the meeting mentioned above took place, only Simon, Jenny and Dave were present and because of ongoing time constraints, a decision had to be made and thus was made between the three of us about who will be playing for each team.

There will shortly be a list of players on here under PLAYERS TEAM ONE and PLAYERS TEAM TWO – these will list the players on each team so please look at these as these will be your primary team mates for the coming season and during training, you will also be frequently now be training as a team.

Sorry guys but this week at East Park has been cancelled due to a CIRCUS at East Park and the playing area we normally use is not available.

Sorry guys and please check ion here for next week to see availability which initially will be based around the predicted weather forecast.

East Park this week is on, so please come down, especially if you have never been before, for the first time this week, we have two courts able to be put up allowing more people to play at the same time and Sunday’s weather is pretty much guaranteed to be free of any bad weather.

This site has a built in weather forecaster so feel free to check it out at the bottom of each page, click on the bottom of the block where is says ‘Weather Forecast, Hull, United Kingdom’ and this will take you into the forecast for our area.

So Sunday this week guys is great weather and therefore great volleyball.

START TIME – 4pm — FINISH TIME 6pm or as late as we all want to finish.

East Park is still to be decided for this date, so keep checking in closer to the date to find out the details.